Home Medicare was created to provide quality healthcare needs to the patient with the advantages and ease of home visits. Our service provides patients with home visits by doctors and allied health professions. This multidisciplinary approach in the home environment allows primary healthcare to be given in a holistic manner that is accessible, affordable and accountable.

At Home Medicare we cater to every aspect of the patient’s healthcare needs and family/social support whilst maintaining strict confidentiality. With a significant increase in the aging population, Home Medicare also provides healthcare services for eldercare at home or in nursing homes. Our services are individualized, comprehensive and integrated with the main focus of giving our patients and their family the best healthcare solution in the convenience of their own home environment.

Our Vision

To provide a holistic and personalized Healthcare solution specific to the patient’s and family needs in the comfort of the home environment.


To provide quality essential medical care based on practical, scientifically sound and socially acceptable methods using technology to patients and their family members.

  • Provide a complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely in the absence of disease.
  • Place patient’s safety first and refer to specialist when a case is complicated.
  • Be respectful to the different cultures, habits, attitudes of different ethnic backgrounds
  • Provide a practical and stress free solution to medical problems in the comfort of the home environment.
  • Maintain and provide continuity of care through out the patient’s course of illness.
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality
  • Provide primary prevention, early intervention before a disease manifests itself through screening and preventive treatment of the disease and maintenance of health for longevity.
  • Aim for rehabilitation of mobility challenged patients back into normal activities of daily living.
  • Provide adequate training to the caregivers so that patients are better looked after.

Why Home Medicare?


1. Elimination of hospital acquired infections

2. Cost saving by reducing repeated hospitalizations

3. Tailored to individual patient’s need and their family

4. Reduced time to see a doctor

5. Logistic convenience e.g. parking

6. Optimizing compliance to therapy / Medication regiments

7. Convenience of getting simple medical procedures performed at home

8. Routine health screening at your convenience

9. Home Environment assessment

In-Home Services

 A) Medical consultation
  • After hours access to doctor
  • Comprehensive review of your well-being & illnesses
  • Management of chronic diseases & prevention 
  • Individualized management
  • Assist, provide Travel Medicine information & precautions
  • Immunizations
  • Referral for consultant review of your choice

B) Laboratory & Screening
  • Laboratory support for diagnostic investigations 
  • Annual general health screening 
  • Genetic / Genomic Screening 
  • Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) 
  • Child developmental milestone screening & monitoring (Bayley Scales) 

 C) Pharmacy
  • Medical management review & refill
  • Monitoring compliance to therapy and medication

 D) Nursing Care
  • 24 hours individualized care
  • Specialized care: wound care, stoma care, pressure sore management, management of nasogastric, tracheostomy tube, urinary catheter, intravenous infusion & IM injection 

 E) Palliative Care 
  • Palliative Nurses
  • Pain & symptomatic management
  • Care-giver training & support

F) Physiotherapy
  • In-home fall risk and mobility assessment 
Individualized Physiotherapy: 
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Geriatric Rehabilitation
  • Total Knee Rehabilitation
  • Total Hip Rehabilitation
  • Post Spinal Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Muscular Skeletal Rehabilitation
  • Sport Rehabilitation   

 G) Occupational Therapy
  • Advising on specialist equipment and home alteration to assist with daily activities
  • Individualizing a rehabilitation program to help to rebuild lost skills and restore confidence

 H) Dietitian
  • Nutritional assessment and screening
  • Develop individualized nutritional care plan & follow up
  • Counseling to improve health condition
  • Cooking classes 

I) Counseling
  • In-house counseling by experienced counselor / medical social worker 

 J) Education
  • Maid /caregiver education for home & geriatric care 

 K) Logistic Management
  • Logistic coordination for specialist review
  • Coordination of home care services & placement
  • Hospital referral solutions for Penang & Malaysia
  • International referral solution (International SOS)

How It Works

Option 1
Have Our Consultant Contact You
  • If you are new to Home Medicare, click the 'New Patient' button below to fill out our form. Someone will contact you with more info & scheduling your In-Home Appointment.


Option 2 
  • For returning patients who are already familiar with Home Medicare & its services, you may choose from our list of services & schedule your own In-Home Appointment online.
  • For added convenience, you may download our mobile app below to schedule your In-Home Services & Appointments. 

Your Health Held In Your Hand

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Home Medicare App

You should have access to your health from anywhere & anytime. With our mobile app, you and your physician receive confidential, highly secure reports faster than ever before. This allows you and your physician to efficiently monitor any changes that may surface over time. This provides great insights into the direction of your health.
  • Schedule & book in-home appointments        
  • Build points and unlock rewards 
  • Earn discounts & perks

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