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Predicting the future of employee benefits is not as easy as it used to be. In an evolving and competitive workplace, keeping pace with the industry and new developments can be a difficult challenge. HM Corporate Health Care Solution is a single-source benefits administration resource in providing flexible and comprehensive packages for organizations. 

We offer a broad range of services, from wellness to short and long term disability solutions. HM Corporate Health Care Solution is currently working on a Telemedicine Application and an e-medical record system that will serve you better. Our business philosophy is in line with our vision to provide a holistic and personalized healthcare solution in the comfort of your own environment. HM Corporate Healthcare Solution is accessible, affordable and accountable.

The Team

  • Dr. Thomas Khor - Managing Director
  • Dr. Benjamin Chow - Medical Director 
  • Dr. Lee LC - Medical Advisory Board 
  • Mr. Tommy Tan - Physiotherapy Director 
  • Ms. Boo Yen Khim - Nursing Director 
  • Mr. Steven Ooi Senior Advisor (Corporate Health Division)
  • Ms. Amy AngSenior Advisor (Corporate Wellness Division) 

Other Multidisciplinary Members

  • Doctors 
  • Nurses 
  • Physiotherapists 
  • Occupational Therapist 
  • Dentist 
  • Dietician 
  • Counsellor 
  • Optician 
  • Pharmacist 
  • Speech Therapist 
  • Behavioral Therapist 

Why Choose Us?

Our aim is to increase the efficiency and productivity of by providing a total breakthrough solution for your company.   

Personalized Services & Solutions

  • Analyze current claims and provide further understanding to current overall health status 
  • Assess the current strength and weakness of the existing health benefit 
  • Provide statistical analysis and reports  
  • Health coaches and mentoring for specific groups of employees (Mental Health, Chronic Group Therapy, health counseling) 
  • Provide Ergonomics training and hazard assessment to ensure a safe and healthy workplace
  • Identify opportunities and imminent threats in your health care system 
  • Health Care Maslow Hierarchy of needs 
  • Telemedicine Application (Operational in 2018) 
  • e-Medical Records (Operational in 2018) 

Success Stories

Over the years, Home Medicare Organization have conducted Health Screenings and providing analysis reports to over a dozen Multinational Companies in the Northern region of Malaysia. We have a corporate track record of screening 4000 employees. 

Health & Wellness Program Packages

Personalized According To Needs
  • Health Screening Packages 
  • Cardiovascular health screening & assessment: ECG 
  • Metabolic Disease Screening  
  • Smoker screening Test 
  • Cancer Screening
  • Female/Male Health Screening 
  • Healthy Diet Week & Nutrition 
  • Health Seminars  
  • Wellness through Essential Oil  
  • Wellness screening with Itovi  
  • Natural pathway to create health awareness

Training Programs

  • Ergonomics Training 
  • Ergonomics assessment for workplace 
  • Occupational Workout 
  • Emergency First Response training for adult 
  • Emergency First Response training for children 

In-House Clinic Management

For inquiries contact Ms. Amy Ang 
t: +6017 844 8670


HM Corporate Healthcare Solution is an advocate for “Prevention is better than cure”. We have a personalized and holistic approach that is flexible in nature to cater to all our clients who have their own specific needs. 

We are a dynamic multidisciplinary team that work together to provide you a Healthcare solution of the highest standards. HM Corporate will listen to you and tailor-make the best program for your company. Our aim is to give your company a healthier workforce, generate a better quality of life for your employees, reduce cost and increase your productivity. At HM Corporate Healthcare Solution, We Care!

For Enquiries

Dr. Thomas Khor  
t: +6012 4039005
Mr. Steven Ooi  
t: +6019 470 6262  

Ms. Amy Ang  
t: +6017 844 8670

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