Nursing Care

Penang Nursing Care

Home Medicare provides premium Private Nursing care in Penang. Our vision is to provide a holistic and personalized healthcare plan to the patient’s and family needs in the comfort of the home environment. Our multidisciplinary team at Home Medicare grown in Penang consists of carefully selected Private Nurses, other allied health and doctors. 

Home Medicare’s mission is to provide quality essential medical care to patients with a multidisciplinary approach based on practical, scientifically sound and socially acceptable methods using technology. Home Medicare’s private nursing consists of fully registered nurses having post-basic to ICU training experience. 

In line with Home Medicare’s vision to provide a holistic and personalized healthcare solution to the patient’s and family needs in the comfort of the home environment, we have 5 Nurse coordinators to schedule optimal care for Home Medicare’s patients. Home Medicare’s private nursing group are selected from over 300,000hours of nursing and a pool of over 100nurses. Holistic in our approach Home Medicare places emphasis on team work and with guidance Home Medicare’s medical advisory board our nurses are responsive and able to identify red flag situations to discuss with our multidisciplinary team on the next course of action. 
Home Medicare specialized nursing include services from the basic hygiene of the patient to diabetic wound care, prevention and management of pressure sores, stoma care, surgical wound care, management of nasogastric / tracheostomy tube, urinary catheter, intravenous infusion, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection.  

Documentation is necessary to ensure accountability: vital sign monitoring, input/output charts, Bristol Stool charts when necessary, progress notes for passing over of important instructions, medication charts for administration of the right dose at the right time. Documentation is a discipline that is passed onto the patient and encouraged after Home Medicare discharges our patients. We also train the family or caregiver to call for help when a situation arises. Home Medicare gives a life line to the patient and their family which provides added comfort and confidence to the care of their loved ones. 

At Home Medicare honesty, kindness and empathy for all our patients and their families are instilled into every healthcare worker. Home Medicare’s foundation is true to the famous quote by an American Physician and a public health pioneer during the pre-antibiotic period, Dr Edward Trudeau “To cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always”  

In-Home Nursing
  • 24 hours individualized care
  • Specialized nursing: wound care, stoma care, pressure sore management,Management of Nasogastric / Tracheostomy tube, Management of urinary catheter, intravenous infusion & IM injection
In-Home Palliative Care
  • Palliative nurses
  • Pain & symptomatic management
  • Care-giver training & support

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